What’s Ahead for 2023?

Spring has sprung and there are all sorts of new releases planned for this year. Here’s what’s on tap:

The Razzy Cat Cozy Mystery Series

Razzy, Rudy, Gus, and of course, Hannah and Ben, have quite a few mysteries they’ll need to solve in 2023! The Reunion at the Farm just released and the next one, The Mishap at the Meeting, will be coming in Summer of 2023. Don’t worry, there’ll be at least two more on top of that (and hopefully more!)

The Soul Seeker Cozy Mystery Series

Bernie and Brynn can’t wait for their next big adventure in The Imp at the Ice Rink. This one is going to be one of their most unique cases yet. Look for it in May of 2023! Bernie’s paws will be full for the rest of the year with several more mysteries on the way.

Pssst – there’s also a spin-off series planned for 2023 that will feature one of Bernie’s friends, but we’re waiting on Bernie to reveal his big secret before we can talk about that one!

The Clowder Cats Cozy Mystery Series

An adorable spin-off of the Razzy Cat series featuring some of your most requested characters from the Crisis at the Wedding will be coming in Summer of 2023! Join the clowder cats, led by Fig, as they help a young woman solve mysteries and find herself in the process.

As always, thank you so much for your support. I couldn’t do this without you!